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Answer CATO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"elder" statesmanCATO 4
___-nine-tailsCATO 4
___ the CensorCATO 4
"___, a Tragedy" (Joseph Addison play set in ancient Rome)CATO 4
___ the Elder (Roman statesman)CATO 4
''Carthage must be destroyed'' RomanCATO 4
''Lydia'' poetCATO 4
''The Censor'' of RomeCATO 4
"Carthage must be destroyed!" proclaimerCATO 4
"Carthage must be destroyed" speakerCATO 4
"Carthago delenda est" speakerCATO 4
"Origines" authorCATO 4
"Elder" statesman of RomeCATO 4
"Lydia" poet Publius Valerius __CATO 4
"Julius Caesar" roleCATO 4
'Censor' of RomeCATO 4
"Elder" or "Younger"CATO 4
"Elder" or "Younger" Roman statesmanCATO 4
"Elder" or "Younger" RomanCATO 4
"The Censor" of ancient RomeCATO 4
"The Elder" of history with 4 letters
"The Elder" of historyCATO 4
"The Censor" of old RomeCATO 4
'The Elder' of RomeCATO 4
Roman statesman with nine tails?CATO 4
Historic "elder" statesmanCATO 4
Plutarch biographical subjectCATO 4
Roman statesman and censorCATO 4
Roman statesman and moralistCATO 4
Roman statesman and writerCATO 4
Roman statesman ___ the ElderCATO 4
Stoic philosopher who opposed CaesarCATO 4
Roman statesman known as "The Censor"CATO 4
Consul who raged against CarthageCATO 4
Roman politician called "the Censor"CATO 4
Roman statesman called "the Censor"CATO 4
Roman statesman who opposed CaesarCATO 4
Stoic statesman who opposed CaesarCATO 4
Cicero contemporaryCATO 4
Clouseau's manservantCATO 4
Clouseau's servantCATO 4
Clouseau's valetCATO 4
Elder nine tails?CATO 4
Entrée in a shellCATO 4
Historical censorCATO 4
Koch think tank nameCATO 4
Roman philosopherCATO 4
Stoic philosopherCATO 4
Blank-verse tragedy by AddisonCATO 4
Roman called "the Censor"CATO 4
Subject of one of Plutarch's "Lives"CATO 4

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