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Answer CAR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Game show giveaway, sometimesCAR 3
Game show prize, sometimesCAR 3
Generous graduation giftCAR 3
Gift for a lucky graduateCAR 3
It must be tired to workCAR 3
It performs best when tired?CAR 3
Main part of an elevatorCAR 3
One may be left in a lotCAR 3
One mode of transportationCAR 3
Parker's responsibility?CAR 3
Part of a roller coasterCAR 3
Sixteen year old's desireCAR 3
Street hockey game stopperCAR 3
Suburbanite's sine qua nonCAR 3
Vehicle at a drive-in movieCAR 3
Word after bumper or muscleCAR 3
Word after cable or railCAR 3
Word before bra or after barCAR 3
Word before pool or parkCAR 3
Word with box, sports or cableCAR 3
Word with bumper or muscle with 3 letters
Word with bumper or muscleCAR 3
Word with coal or cattleCAR 3
Word with dining or squadCAR 3
Word with freight or cableCAR 3
Word with patrol or prowlCAR 3
Word with "pool" or "port"CAR 3
Word with sports or squadCAR 3
Word with stock or streetCAR 3
Word with street or buffetCAR 3
Common word spelled in the "Spelling Bee" game on "The Price Is Right"CAR 3
Showcase highlight, on "The Price Is Right"CAR 3
Armored or cableCAR 3
Big gift for a teenCAR 3
Bricklin, for oneCAR 3
Caboose, for oneCAR 3
Caboose or coupeCAR 3
Caravan componentCAR 3
Chauffeur's "office"CAR 3
Club or parlor followerCAR 3
Commuter's transportCAR 3
Compact, for exampleCAR 3
Compact, for oneCAR 3
Company perk, perhapsCAR 3
Coupe or convertibleCAR 3
Coveted game show prizeCAR 3
Crate, so to speakCAR 3
Cream puff, perhapsCAR 3
Diner or sleeperCAR 3
Dining or sleeper e.g.CAR 3
Dining or touringCAR 3

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