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Answer CAEN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1944 battle siteCAEN 4
1944 Normandy battle siteCAEN 4
"It's News to Me" columnist HerbCAEN 4
"One Man's San Francisco" authorCAEN 4
"The Longest Day" cityCAEN 4
Longtime columnist who coined the term "beatnik"CAEN 4
French city largely destroyed during the Normandy campaignCAEN 4
French city mostly destroyed in 1944CAEN 4
Normandy city known for its tripe stewCAEN 4
French city heavily hit in 1944CAEN 4
French city retaken during the Normandy campaignCAEN 4
City largely destroyed by the Normandy campaignCAEN 4
Town largely destroyed by the Battle of NormandyCAEN 4
French port liberated by the Allies in 1944CAEN 4
Canadian battlefield in WW2CAEN 4
Pulitzer-winning columnist HerbCAEN 4
Battleground of 1944CAEN 4
Calvados capitalCAEN 4
Calvados's capitalCAEN 4
Normandy battlefieldCAEN 4
Normandy battle locale with 4 letters
Normandy battle localeCAEN 4
Normandy campaign cityCAEN 4
British target on D-dayCAEN 4
City in northwest FranceCAEN 4
French city where William the Conqueror is buriedCAEN 4
City of northern FranceCAEN 4
Columnist who wrote "Baghdad by the Bay"CAEN 4
City in northwestern FranceCAEN 4
Columnist who wrote "Don't Call It Frisco," 1953CAEN 4
French city near Omaha BeachCAEN 4
Pulitzer-winning San Francisco columnistCAEN 4
French city near the English ChannelCAEN 4
Normandy city where William the Conqueror is buriedCAEN 4
Site of the tomb of William the ConquerorCAEN 4
City retaken by the Allies in July 1944CAEN 4
City retaken by the Allies, July 9, 1944CAEN 4
French city on the OrneCAEN 4
Calvados portCAEN 4
French cityCAEN 4
French portCAEN 4
Norman cityCAEN 4
Normandy cityCAEN 4
Normandy portCAEN 4
Normandy townCAEN 4
Capital of CalvadosCAEN 4
Capitol of CalvadosCAEN 4
Setting of William the Conqueror's castleCAEN 4
Capitol of Calvados in NW FranceCAEN 4
City near ParisCAEN 4
Town near St.-LCAEN 4

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