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Answer BRA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

18-hour garmentBRA 3
[unmentionable]BRA 3
"Push-up" garmentBRA 3
'Unmentionables'BRA 3
"Unmentionable" in the Victorian eraBRA 3
"Breastwork"BRA 3
BandeauBRA 3
Article of clothing than an estimated 80% wear the wrong sizeBRA 3
Part of a bikini that isn't part of a monokiniBRA 3
So-called "mansiere," essentially, in a "Seinfeld" episodeBRA 3
A balconette is a low-cut style of oneBRA 3
Built-in part of a tank top, maybeBRA 3
It may provide an uplifting experienceBRA 3
It might be unhooked while hooking upBRA 3
It might make the torso seem moresoBRA 3
It's usually strapped for supportBRA 3
Obstacle on the way to second base?BRA 3
Support showing in 20-, 39-, and 56-AcrossBRA 3
A little more than two cupsBRA 3
Antigravity undergarmentBRA 3
Auto accessory, slangily with 3 letters
Auto accessory, slangilyBRA 3
Automobile front-end coverBRA 3
Auto protective accessoryBRA 3
Auto road-debris protectorBRA 3
Beachgoer's top, sometimesBRA 3
Cause of a tan line, perhapsBRA 3
Cross-one's-heart garmentBRA 3
Front end cover on a carBRA 3
Garment accompanying a girdleBRA 3
Garment with a breast pocketBRA 3
Garment with breast pocketsBRA 3
Hidden means of support?BRA 3
It can be quite upliftingBRA 3
Item in a lingerie dept.BRA 3
It has a supporting role?BRA 3
It may be found under a topBRA 3
It might be under a tankBRA 3
It plays a supporting roleBRA 3
It provides upper supportBRA 3
It's held up with a hookBRA 3
It's missing from a monokiniBRA 3
It's strapped for supportBRA 3
Madonna wore a pointy oneBRA 3
No visible means of support?BRA 3
One may be under a blouseBRA 3
One piece of a two-pieceBRA 3
One with a supporting role?BRA 3
Padded purchase, perhapsBRA 3
Part of a '60s bonfire, perhapsBRA 3
Part of a support group?BRA 3

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