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___ constrictor (snake)BOA 3
woman's long scarfBOA 3
___ constrictorBOA 3
ScarfBOA 3
StoleBOA 3
ReptileBOA 3
SerpentBOA 3
"The Birdcage" wrapBOA 3
Final item at the end of a burlesque performance, perhapsBOA 3
Something to wrap around one's neck ... or maybe notBOA 3
It maybe covered with scales or feathersBOA 3
Creature wrapped around the four longest Across answersBOA 3
Adam's apple hider for a drag queenBOA 3
Feathery scarf or dangerous snakeBOA 3
He's in the constriction businessBOA 3
It could give one a snug feelingBOA 3
It has some feathers around the neckBOA 3
It's in the constriction businessBOA 3
Predator that suffocates its preyBOA 3
Cabaret singer's accessoryBOA 3
Feathery fashion accessory with 3 letters
Feathery fashion accessoryBOA 3
Feathery wrap or scaled wrapperBOA 3
Flapper accessory, perhapsBOA 3
High-society neck warmerBOA 3
It can be feathered or scalyBOA 3
It can be feathery or scalyBOA 3
It can put the squeeze on youBOA 3
It can take your breath awayBOA 3
It could put the squeeze on youBOA 3
Item worn around the neckBOA 3
It gives one a snug feeling?BOA 3
It'll put the squeeze on youBOA 3
It'll take your breath awayBOA 3
It may provide a snug feelingBOA 3
Its embrace can be fatalBOA 3
Long thing covered in feathersBOA 3
Part of a flapper's outfitBOA 3
Part of a vamp's costumeBOA 3
Part of some flapper costumesBOA 3
Pro wrestler's wrap, at timesBOA 3
Snake that squeezes its preyBOA 3
Thing with feathers or scalesBOA 3
Uncomfortably tight wrapper?BOA 3
Vamp's accessory, perhapsBOA 3
Vaudeville dancer's "prop"BOA 3
Vaudeville singer's propBOA 3
Wrapper that's hard to remove?BOA 3
Zookeeper's main squeeze?BOA 3
Creature whose genus name and English name are the sameBOA 3
Accessorizing wrapBOA 3

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