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sandwichBLT 3
35-Across orderBLT 3
"Chicken sal san" relativeBLT 3
Diner order found "sandwiched" around the answers to starred cluesBLT 3
Sandwich that would be incongruous to eat on matzo during PassoverBLT 3
Sandwich whose vegan version might come with faconBLT 3
The tip of the iceberg might be used to make thisBLT 3
Sandwich that can be made vegetarian with fakonBLT 3
Sandwich that's now a potato chip flavorBLT 3
Short order that often comes with toothpicksBLT 3
Dish that may come with a toothpickBLT 3
Lunch counter sandwich, for shortBLT 3
Nonvegetarian deli order, for shortBLT 3
Nonvegetarian sandwich, for shortBLT 3
Order often pierced by a toothpickBLT 3
Sandwich made with pork, brieflyBLT 3
Sandwich not served in kosher delisBLT 3
Sandwich served with a toothpickBLT 3
Sandwich that often comes with mayoBLT 3
Sandwich that's definitely not glattBLT 3
Sandwich that usually contains mayo with 3 letters
Sandwich that usually contains mayoBLT 3
Sandwich unavailable at a kosher deliBLT 3
Sandwich usually served with mayoBLT 3
Sandwich with toasted bread, for shortBLT 3
Three-ingredient sandwich (abbr.)BLT 3
Toasted sandwich with toothpicksBLT 3
Club alternative, brieflyBLT 3
Crunchy lunch, initiallyBLT 3
Crunchy sandwich, for shortBLT 3
Crunchy sandwich initialsBLT 3
Crunchy-sandwich lettersBLT 3
Deli sandwich, for shortBLT 3
Diner sandwich, for shortBLT 3
Ham and cheese alternativeBLT 3
Initial course at lunch?BLT 3
Initial serving at lunch?BLT 3
It can come on white, brieflyBLT 3
It may be made in short orderBLT 3
It's about as old as the clubBLT 3
It's often a double-deckerBLT 3
It's often served with mayoBLT 3
Layered lunch, for shortBLT 3
Layered sandwich, brieflyBLT 3
Luncheonette order, for shortBLT 3
Lunch sandwich, for shortBLT 3
Lunch with a crunch, for shortBLT 3
Meal known by its initialsBLT 3
Noted three-ingredient sandwichBLT 3
Popular diner menu lettersBLT 3
Popular sandwich, brieflyBLT 3

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