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Answer ALLIES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

accomplicesALLIES 6
on your sideALLIES 6
UnitesALLIES 6
"Us" or "them" in "It's us against them"ALLIES 6
FriendsALLIES 6
Axis foesALLIES 6
ConfederatesALLIES 6
Joined forcesALLIES 6
Joins forcesALLIES 6
Partners ___ALLIES 6
Side in a warALLIES 6
United groupALLIES 6
World War II blocALLIES 6
World War II victorsALLIES 6
V-E Day celebrantsALLIES 6
NATO membersALLIES 6

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