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Words ending with RA - Front hooks

Possible Front Hook(s)
ara, bra, era, fra, ira, kra, ora

Words starting with RA - Back hooks

Possible Back Hook(s)
rab, rad, raf, rag, rah, rai, raj, ram, ran, rap, ras, rat, rav, raw, rax, ray

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Another word for RA

ra: atomic number 88, celestial longitude, right ascension, radium, Re

Meaning of RA

[n] ancient hawk-headed Egyptian sun god; a universal creator

[n] (astronomy) the angular distance eastward along the celestial equator from the vernal equinox to the intersection of the hour circle that passes through the body; expressed in hours and minutes and second; used with declination to specify positions on the celestial sphere; "one hour of right ascension equals fifteen degrees"

[n] an intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores

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ra: Egyptian deity, angular distance, metallic element, uranium ore, metal