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Letters of IANTHINA

consonantsh, 2 × n, t
vowels2 × a, 2 × i


Meaning of IANTHINA

\I*an"thi*na\, n.; pl. L. {Ianthin[ae]}, E.

{Ianthinas}. [NL., fr. L. ianthinus violet-blue, Gr. ?; ?

violet + ? flower.] (Zo["o]l.)

Any gastropod of the genus {Ianthina}, of which various

species are found living in mid ocean; -- called also {purple

shell}, and {violet snail}. [Written also {janthina}.]

Note: It floats at the surface by means of a raft, which it

constructs by forming and uniting together air bubbles

of hardened mucus. The Tyrian purple of the ancients

was obtained in part from mollusks of this genus.