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Words ending with HAY - Front hooks

Possible Front Hook(s)
chay, shay

Words starting with HAY - Back hooks

Possible Back Hook(s)
haye, hays

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HAY in crossword

HAY as solution
HAY as crossword solver hint

Letters of HAY

consonantsh, y


Meaning of HAY

[n] grass mowed and cured for use as fodder

hay: Mary Jane, bird seed, bring in, cat food, chicken feed, crop herbs, dog food, gather in, mescal bean, mescal button, mind-altering drug, mind-blowing drug, mind-expanding drug, morning glory seeds, pet food, psychic energizer, psychoactive drug, reap and carry, scratch feed, acid, antidepressant, ataractic, barley, bran, chop, corn, crop, cut, DET, diethyltryptamine, dig, dimethyltryptamine, DMT, eatage, ensilage, feed, fodder, forage, gage, ganja, gather, glean, grabble, grain, grass, hallucinogen, harvest, hash, hashish, hemp, joint, kava, LSD, marijuana, mash, meal, mescal, mescaline, mow, nut, oats, pasturage, pasture, peyote, pick, pluck, pot, provender, psilocin, psilocybin, psychedelic, psychochemical, psychotomimetic, reap, reefer, roach, scratch, silage, slops, stick, STP, straw, swill, tea, THC, tranquilizer, weed, wheat

See also

hay: fodder, timothy