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Words starting with DOG - Back hooks

Possible Back Hook(s)
doge, dogs, dogy

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DOG in crossword

DOG as solution

Letters of DOG

consonantsd, g


Another word for DOG

dog: Canis familiaris, chase after, domestic dog, go after, andiron, blackguard, bounder, cad, chase, click, detent, dogiron, firedog, frump, heel, hound, pawl, tag, tail, track, trail

Meaning of DOG

[n] a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night"

[n] metal supports for logs in a fireplace; "the andirons were too hot to touch"

[n] a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

[n] someone who is morally reprehensible; "you dirty dog"

[n] informal term for a man; "you lucky dog"

[n] a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman; "she got a reputation as a frump"; "she's a real dog"

[v] go after with the intent to catch

dog: Afghan hound, Alaskan malamute, Bedlington terrier, Border terrier, Boston bull, Cairn terrier, Doberman pinscher, English toy spaniel, Eskimo dog, Gordon setter, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Kerry blue terrier, Labrador retriever, Norwegian elkhound, Norwich terrier, Rhodesian ridgeback, Scottish deerhound, Seeing Eye dog, Siberian husky, Welsh corgi, Welsh terrier, Yorkshire terrier, badger dog, balky horse, basset hound, be at, billy goat, block up, brown off, bubbly-jock, bull terrier, burn up, choke off, close off, close tight, close up, coach dog, come after, come behind, entire horse, fancy dog, flat-coated retriever, follow the hounds, follow up, fox terrier, giant schnauzer, give chase, go after, go behind, go hunting, golden retriever, guide dog, he-goat, hollo after, hot dog, hunt down, lakeland terrier, lap dog, make after, move behind, no beauty, pack of dogs, pedal extremity, pick on, pluck the beard, prowl after, quest after, raise the hunt, rat terrier, ride to hounds, run after, seek out, sheep dog, show dog, shut off, shut out, shut tight, sled dog, squeeze shut, still-hunt, stop up, string along, tag after, tag along, take out after, tom turkey, top cow, top horse, toy dog, trail after, tread close upon, try the patience, turkey gobbler, turkey-cock, tweak the nose, ugly duckling, wire-haired terrier, working dog, affenpinscher, aggravate, animal, annoy, arch, baboon, badger, bag, bait, balker, bandog, bar, barbet, barricade, basset, beagle, beast, beat, bedevil, bedog, beset, billy, bitch, blemish, block, blockade, bloodhound, blot, boar, boarhound, bolt, borzoi, bother, bowwow, boxer, bristle, buck, bug, bull, bulldog, bullock, bullyrag, canine, chanticleer, chase, Chihuahua, chivy, chock, choke, chow, close, clubfoot, cock, cockerel, collie, constrict, coonhound, course, crate, crock, crowbait, crowd, cur, dachshund, Dalmatian, debar, deerhound, devil, digit, discompose, distemper, disturb, drake, drive, entire, exasperate, exercise, extremity, eyesore, falcon, fash, feist, fetlock, flush, follow, foot, forefoot, forepaw, fowl, foxhound, frank, fret, fright, gander, gargoyle, garron, get, goat, gobbler, greyhound, griffon, gripe, gun, gyp, hack, hag, harass, harefoot, harridan, harrier, harry, hart, haunt, hawk, heap, heckle, hector, heel, hoof, hound, hunt, husky, hyena, insect, instep, irk, jack, jacklight, jade, jam, jughead, kennel, lock, malamute, Maltese, mastiff, mess, miff, molest, mongrel, monster, monstrosity, mutt, nag, needle, nettle, Newfoundland, nudzh, obstruct, occlude, otterhound, pack, pad, papillon, pastern, patte, paw, peacock, pedes, peeve, Pekingese, persecute, pes, pester, pied, pig, pique, plague, plug, pointer, polecat, pooch, poodle, pother, prick, prosecute, provoke, pug, puli, pup, puppy, pursue, quest, ram, reptile, retriever, ride, rile, roarer, rogue, roil, rooster, rosinante, Rottweiler, ruffle, run, Saluki, Samoyed, scalawag, scarecrow, scum, search, seek, serpent, setter, shadow, shikar, shithead, shoot, sight, skunk, sleuth, sleuthhound, slut, snake, sole, spaniel, splayfoot, sport, squeeze, stag, staghound, stalk, stallion, start, steer, stiff, stifle, stinkard, stot, strangle, strangulate, stud, studhorse, suffocate, swine, tag, tail, tailgate, tease, teratism, terrier, toad, toe, tom, tomcat, tootsy, torment, track, trail, trotter, tup, turd, turnspit, tyke, ungula, varmint, vermin, vex, viper, watchdog, wether, whelp, whippet, whistler, wiener, wienerwurst, wienie, witch, wolfhound, worm, worry, wreck

See also

dog: Belgian griffon, Brussels griffon, Great Pyrenees, Mexican hairless, Welsh corgi, bow-wow, carriage dog, chase away, coach dog, disagreeable woman, drive away, drive off, drive out, genus Canis, hunting dog, poodle dog, pug-dog, run down, run off, tag along, toy dog, turn back, unpleasant woman, working dog, barker, basenji, blighter, canid, canine, Canis, catch, chap, corgi, cur, cuss, dalmatian, dispel, doggie, doggy, fella, feller, fellow, flag, follow, gent, griffon, hound, hunt, lad, lapdog, Leonberg, mongrel, mutt, Newfoundland, pack, perisher, pooch, poodle, pug, pursue, quest, rachet, ratch, ratchet, scoundrel, spitz, stop, support, toy, trace, villain