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Words starting with DAUB - Back hooks

Possible Back Hook(s)
daube, daubs, dauby

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DAUB in crossword

DAUB as solution
DAUB as crossword solver hint

Letters of DAUB

consonantsb, d
vowelsa, u
anagramsbaud, buda


Another word for DAUB

daub: blot, slur, smear, smear, smirch, smudge, spot

Meaning of DAUB

[n] an unskillful painting

[n] a blemish made by dirt; "he had a smudge on his cheek"

[n] material used to daub walls

[v] cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it; "smear the wall with paint"; "daub the ceiling with plaster"

[v] apply to a surface; "daub paint onto the wall"

[v] coat with plaster; "daub the wall"

daub: apply paint, bad likeness, block print, brush on paint, color print, dash off, deep-dye, double-dye, fast-dye, grease the wheels, lay on, lay on color, paint a picture, slap on, slick on, slop on paint, smear on, smooth the way, soap the ways, spread on, spread with, stained glass window, still life, wall painting, abstract, abstraction, altarpiece, anamorphosis, anoint, attaint, bedaub, bedizen, beeswax, begild, besmear, besmirch, besmoke, besmutch, besoil, bestain, black, blacken, bloodstain, blot, blotch, blur, botch, brand, burlesque, butter, calcimine, caricature, cartoon, chalk, charcoal, coat, collage, color, complexion, copy, cover, crayon, crosshatch, cyclorama, dab, dapple, darken, delineate, depict, design, diagram, dip, diptych, dirty, discolor, distemper, distortion, doodle, draft, draw, dress, dye, emblazon, embrocate, enamel, engild, engraving, eyesore, face, fleck, flick, flyspeck, fresco, gild, glaze, gloss, glycerolate, grain, grease, hatch, hue, icon, illuminate, illumination, illustration, image, imbue, ingrain, japan, lacquer, lard, likeness, limn, lubricate, macula, maculation, macule, mark, miniature, misdraw, mispaint, montage, mosaic, mural, oil, paint, panorama, parget, parody, patch, pencil, photograph, picture, picturize, pigment, plaster, pomade, portray, prime, print, representation, reproduction, salve, scorch, scratch, scribble, scumble, sear, shade, shadow, shellac, singe, sketch, slather, slick, slubber, slur, smarm, smear, smirch, smoke, smouch, smudge, smut, smutch, soil, spatter, speck, speckle, splash, splatter, splotch, spot, stain, stencil, stigma, stigmatize, stipple, sully, tableau, taint, tapestry, tar, tarnish, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tone, trace, travesty, triptych, undercoat, unguent, variegate, varnish, wash, wax, whitewash

See also

daub: put on, apply, blemish, blood, blotch, clay, coat, cover, defect, fingermark, fingerprint, inkblot, mortar, mud, painting, parget, picture, roughcast, splodge, splotch, surface